Spring Maintenance

Grass Thatcher Spring Maintenance

After all winter long, your yard is in need of sprucing up. The dead debris and other things left behind by winter needs to be cleaned up in order for your lawn to be beautiful and healthy in the summer months.

Our spring services include sweeping, aerating, and rolling. These are the spring essential services for healthy, natural, and beautiful looking grass this summer. Be sure to book early as there is a limited time frame (due to our weather conditions) in the spring for sweeping and aerating your lawn. We don’t want you to be disappointed.

After we’re done sweeping, aerating, and rolling, your lawn all you have to do is sit back and watch your lawn turn thick and green.

Spring Yard Clean-up Is Just Around the Corner

This year why not leave your spring cleaning to our professional team, your lawn will look great!

Time for Leaf Clean-up

In the spring everything is waking up after its winter sleep. We are always faced with the challenge of a tight window for our spring services, so call us early.

“Reesor's Landscaping”

Call us, and as the weather starts to warm up, we will go ahead and do your spring clean-up for you. Now is the time to get your lawn ready for a beautiful, healthy and enjoyable summer.

As the weather warms up, we are sweeping and aerating lawns to keep them healthy and beautiful for the summer months ahead.
During the summer months we work hard to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful. Regular maintenance of mowing and fertilizing.
As things cool off, and "fall down", we'll stay on top of it all by maintaining your beautiful lawn and getting it ready for winter.
During the winter, we monitor storms, and our crews and equipment are on call 24/7 to manage whatever comes our way. Let us keep your driveway and walkways clear this winter.

Our Key Services

Our services run the whole year long. Winter, spring, summer, and fall, we are out there:

  • Spring -sweeping, aerating, and clean-up.
  • Summer -mowing, fertilizing, and landscaping.
  • Fall - fall fertilizing, and leaf clean-up.
  • Winter -snow and ice removal.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We will come out and give you a free customized estimate.
After consultation, we will provide a free sketch up along with the price quote.
Yes we are fully insured.
Yes we offer a full range of commercial grounds maintenance at a very competitive rate.
We accept cash, E-transfers, and cheques.

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    Fertilizer is a substance added to soil to improve plants' growth and yield. First used by ancient farmers, fertilizer technology developed as the chemical needs of growing plants were discovered.